Now that spring has sprung, keep an eye peeled for our friends on motorcycles!

Like it or not, people are back out on bikes for the spring, summer & fall, this creates another reason to be extra careful on our streets and interstates, so we can safely share the roads together.

There is a very large population of motorcycle riders here in the state of Maine, and now that things are warming up, it is essential as a driver out on the roads, that we pay attetnion to this, so everyone can stay safe. That means giving extra thought to your surroundings when you are out and about.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 5,000 motorcycle deaths in 2023. While some of these accidents were single vehicle accidents, many involved automobiles.

As drivers of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, we have the responsibility not only to share the road, but also to take proactive measure to increase the safety of motorcycle riders who we encounter on our way.

Since we are all sharing the roads together, it is important to be alert at all times.

Here are some helpful hints to remember this bike riding season:

1. Always check your blind spots

2. Be extra cautious when passing

3. Remember that motorcycles react more quickly than cars

4. Night-riding can be treacherous for motorcyclists

5. Stay in your lane

6. Inform motorcyclists of your intention to turn

7. Intersections are danger zones

8. Watch for turning motorcycles

9. Take a second look at left-turns

Enjoy the beautiful weather coming our way, and keep an eye out for our motorcycling friends!

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