St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) has already proven herself an eclectic, artistically adventurous musician and songwriter. Next month her fans will get to see what else she’s capable of when they shiver through her segment of the upcoming horror anthology, XX, the trailer for which is embedded above.

While she’s acted before (three episodes of Portlandia) and scored a movie soundtrack (the Kristen Stewart-directed short, Come Swim, also released this year), XX will represent St. Vincent’s directorial debut. Her segment of the anthology, Birthday Party, is one of four horror-themed tales, all of which are directed by women.

Clark co-wrote the screenplay with Roxanne Benjamin, who is known for the V/H/S franchise. Her involvement in the project was made public back in April, where a statement quoted Clark as saying, "I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the genre-film medium."

XX will premiere on Jan. 22 at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Nearly a month later, on Feb. 17, it will be available in select theaters and via Video On-Demand services.

Clark is on the cover of the current issue of Guitar World, where she posed in a bikini t-shirt as a comment on the magazine's history of using scantily clad women. “I did a quick Google search of women on the cover, and all I really saw was girls in bikinis holding guitars like they’ve never held a guitar before,” she said. “I started thinking about that and just wanted to make my own absurdist comment on it. I couldn’t really let it slide without poking a bit of fun and taking the piss a little!”

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