It's been over that Mainers have been dealing with changes to so many things in our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of those changes are coming back around for a second time.

With the vaccinations in full swing and restrictions becoming less and less as we work toward getting COVID under control in Maine, the possibility exists for a much bigger tourist season than we saw last year. Governor Mills has updated travel policies to help boost Maine's tourism season, while still making sure everyone stays safe.

Last year, the City of Portland closed off certain streets in Portland to allow restaurants to set up outdoor dining in public spaces to reduce the risk of COVID transmission and help them keep their businesses afloat. The outdoor dining caused many streets to be closed or changed to one way only to accommodate seating areas in Portland's Old Port.

Portland is doing the same this year with hopes that outdoor seating on sidewalks and streets for restaurants that don't normally have the space to offer it, will be a big boost to the Portland's diverse dining scene.

To make that happen, the city has now closed these streets to vehicular traffic:

  • Wharf Street
  • Dana Street
  • Milk street between Exchange and Market
  • Fore Street on the southeast side of Boothby Square, between Pearl and Silver
  • Middle Street will be one-way only

These closures went into effect on April 5 and will remain in effect until November 1.

Other restaurants around the city may also request to use public spaces, so you may see some closures or adjustments throughout Portland.

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