Are you hoping for a snow day? You're not alone.

But no matter how many times you watch the weather (or ask your parents), there's no way you can be certain whether you'll have school until the morning rolls around.

Sure, you can always use the snow day calculator to gauge your chances. Or, if you'd like to remove all doubt, you can employ one (or all) of these six sure-fire (but purely superstitious) methods of ensuring you can sleep in on a snowy school day.

Then, if you'd like to be absolutely sure, you can check our online school closings in the morning. But if you've done everything right, it's probably just a formality.*

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    Put a snowball in the toilet.

    Well, why not? If there's no snow on the ground by the time you go to bed, you can substitute ice cubes, but scientific studies have not yet determined whether it is equally effective. They're working on it, though.

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    Wear your pajamas inside-out and backwards.

    It might not be comfortable, but you want a snow day, don't you? Plus, if you can't sleep because of the buttons in your back, you can probably take a nap later in the day once you've finished your snow fort.

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    Tape a quarter to your window.

    Why does this work? No one knows. We actually think someone just made it up. But, are you willing to take a chance? Didn't think so. Oh, one more thing: You must tape it with the heads side facing outside. Actually, we DID make up that part, but it sounds good.

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    Put a wooden spoon under your pillow.

    Don't try a regular spoon, or you'll be on the bus to school before you know it. It's a rookie mistake.

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    Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

    This is a little-known method of ensuring a snow day, and just like wearing your pajamas inside-out, it's one designed to shake up the natural order of things. "What? They're brushing their teeth with the other hand? Something's wrong! We must cancel school today!" At least that's how it's supposed to work.

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    Do all your homework.

    This is the least fun of all the tricks, but absolutely necessary. It's well documented that if you don't do your homework because you're banking on a snow day, any storm will blow out to sea along with your grade in your science class. Plus, you don't want to have to do homework during your unexpected vacation day! But be warned: Teachers are well known for giving maximum amounts just before a snow day.