Saturday Night Live shared a concept this weekend that mocks children's fashion clothes in an "amen, sister" skit.

The skit takes us through a pretend Macy's ad that shares what life with that sweater for your 7 year old son is really going to be like- itchy, hot and a son-of-a-b**** to get over his huge, frickin' head!

My favorite has to be the onesie for babies that has hundreds of snaps.  The design is adorable buy, daym, how many snaps does one need to contain a sack of baby?

I can also appreciate the little girls' shoes that are hard and uncomfortable.  Specific for our region in New England, they are also impractical if you have to walk through the snow to get anywhere, cause those mary janes ain't going to keep those bobby socks dry- am I right or am I right?!  What I love with this scene is the mom is obviously wearing uncomfortable shoes, as well.

All of these cases are just examples of the nature of the festive beast that is holiday/winter wear.


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