Friends of Acadia, a group on Facebook dedicated to covering all things Acadia National Park, are showing us the effects of rapid flooding and extreme temperature changes at Maine's most visited parks.

Visitors are seen in the video posted on Friday ice skating on pristine ice through a forest of trees.  The trees however are submerged under the ice so trees are seen peaking above the ice shelf where skaters can skate among the tree.

The Facebook video was accompanied by this post, explaining what you are looking at and how it got there:

Sieur de Monts and the Great Meadow area of Acadia National Park are experiencing unusually high water levels due to last week's rain and snowmelt during the thaw last weekend. Because temperatures went from the upper 50's to single digits in one day, the flooded area froze--creating almost perfectly smooth ice that was ideal for skating. A few lucky park visitors were able to experience ice skating down the Jesup Path hiking trail before this week's snow covered the ice.

Take a look!  Have you ever ice skated on such clear ice before?

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