The 'textalyzer' is controversial, but could stop texting and driving.


Obviously texting and any distraction while driving is not allowed. But according to the Portland Press Herald, in Nevada they are proposing letting police use technology to see if you were on your cellphone during a crash!

They would be the first state to do it and as you can imagine, this has fans for and against. Nevada would be the first state to let police use this.

Those for it say it will cut down on distracted driving, and those against it say that it's a total invasion of privacy. Not sure if this will pass - it has failed in other states.

Apparently according to police distracted driving is not reported a lot and the punishment is weak sauce. There's just nothing consistent with punishments, like there is for drunk driving.

If this measure does pass in Nevada, police would use a 'textalyzer'. It connects to a cellphone and it looks for things like opening Facebook messenger. It hasn't been tested and it's not being used...yet. They are waiting to see if Nevada approves it and then it would be tested 'in the field'.


Drive around and look at your fellow driver. Too many times I literally watch people texting and driving. Or updating their status and driving. Or doing whatever with their eyes on their phone...and driving.

If not this technology...then what? How many crashes does this have to cause for it to be seriously considered as dangerous as drinking and driving?

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