As the summer kicks into full gear here in Maine, so does the outdoor activity. For so many Mainers, that often means lunch on the run. Whether it's a hike to a swimming hole or a day laying on the beach, many of us pack a lunch that includes an Amato's real Italian sandwich. But if you're planning a Sunday excursion and want that classic Italian sandwich to munch on, you'll have to plan accordingly because several Amato's locations in Maine are now closed on Sundays.

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Amato's locations in Westbrook, Bangor, Bath, Holden as well as the seasonal food trailer in Rockland are now all closed on Sundays. While no reason for the Sunday closures was given on social media, Amato's (like many other businesses in Maine) have struggled with staffing throughout the pandemic. Most locations of the popular deli chain were consistently open until 9 or 10pm prior to the pandemic. Because of staffing challenges, those locations have reduced hours of operation. It's entirely likely that the Sunday closures have stemmed from staffing shortages. It's not clear whether the Sunday closures are temporary or will become permanent.

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While a handful of Amato's locations are closed on Sundays, the majority of them are still open. In fact, in many of the areas where there is a Sunday closure, you won't have to travel far to find another Amato's that is open on Sunday. You'll just have to plan that picnic a little better this summer.

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