In September, we were made aware via Facebook that Old Town was going to see Kostas back on the restaurant scene in the river own. And, now, the second location of one of the Bangor area's only Greek restaurants, is anticipated to open its doors this week.

Kosta's Adding Second Location

Kosta's Restaurant opened its first restaurant on Wilson Street in Brewer in 2006 and opened on Main Street in Old Town location four years later. The Greek, American and Italian-focused restaurant was opened by Thomas Shanos with the Old Town location focusing on the bar and grill side of food service as opposed to the restaurant aspect of the Brewer location.

The Kosta's is now owned by local businessman, Jeff Solari, who is bringing this second location to light.

Adding to Old Town Main Street

The location of the new Kosta's is in the same building block that was devastated by a fire in September of 2019. The fire ripped through multiple buildings that sat side-by-side on Main Street in Old Town. The fire displaced at least 7 people who rented apartments in the complex as well as multiple businesses that sat on the ground level of the buildings, including a spa and hair salon.

Now, we see that the space will be used to bring a Brewer favorite to the Main Street businesses of Downtown Old Town. The revival of Downtown Old Town is slowly growing with the addition of Kanu, a multi-story restaurant/bar/venue located at 238 Main Street. This restaurant opened a year ago and is owned by Waterfront Concerts president, Alex Gray.

Exciting Revitalization In Downtown Old Town

It's great to see the revitalization of Downtown Bangor perpetuating, even as we move through a pandemic- which is pretty impressive.

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