Wow! We got some great responses from all of you.

Sunday evening, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane, and ask listeners on our Facebook page to name a former Bangor area business that ages you. Over 300 people came up with some great stores, restaurants, and nightspots that are no longer with us. I started the ball rolling with The Bounty Tavern, and one of my all-time faves, Captain Nick's, and it just took off from there.

Take a look at these fantastic answers, and if we missed any, feel free to tell us about it!
Laurie Day
Laverdere's; Wellby's; Doug's (now Hannaford)

Melissa Clement Buonopane
Skate scene

Vanessa Mower
Paul’s restaurant

Maria Pires Wells
Orange Juluis in the Airport Mall & Rich's Dept Store

Cathy Kelly-Lovejoy
Miami North, Happy Wheels, Skate scene

Lesley Fitts
Oh more…Levinsky’s, Mr.Paperback, Ames.

Shannon Lancaster-Commeau
Tom McCann shoe store

Lisa Crocker Socobasin
Zayres, The Bangor Mall(when it was popping), KMart, Service Merchandise, KB Toys

Amanda Perkins
House of hunan, the white elephant, Epsteins, miller's department store, ames, riches, leverders, freeses, spankys, service Merchandise, the old little Ceasars in brewer, Kmart.....

Wendy Seymour

Cindy Campbell
Carroll's restaurant in Brewer

Jill Bemis
Nashville North

Jessica Carlow
Oh yes The Mount Me !! Chem free night we thought we were so cool

Luke A. Rancourt
Massimo's Cucina Italiana was the best restaurant Bangor ever had. The problem was, it was in Bangor.

Lorna MacPhee
The old green stamp store, if you dont know what a green stamp is you use to get them many moons ago when you buy groceries and save them and you get enough you can cash them in to get items

Amanda Danielle Seekins
Perry's restaurant and millers

Brittany Bragg

Jaime Cole
Grasshopper shop, Sings, the Red Lion, Napoli pizza and Fashion Bug

Wendy Seymour
Heritage Bowling Lanes

Delia Bouchard
York Steakhouse and Chess King

Katie Stevenson

Philip R. Cayford
SpacePort in the Bangor Mall! And Legends Sports Bar!

Dean Wass
Mammoth Mart, Grants, Freeses & the "downtown" Sears

David Daigle
Hoppies pizza Airport Mall

Darren Stover
Steve's Pizza on Hammond St!!!

Hannelore Hartford
Spanky's pizza over near Shaws on the waterfront. Next to miller's

Monique Mair
Pet store in the airport mall, Standard shoes by the fountain downtown. Rexall drugs, the black knight restaurant in the mall, bonanza restaurant. Spencer's gift shop in the mall

Amanda Healy
Great Skates, Mr Paperback, Service Merchandise, Arbys, Toys R Us, Captain Nick’s, Millers Buffet, Circuit City

Steve Ginn
The Sunbury Mall. in downtown which had D'Orsey's. Epic Sports is there now.

Margo Sparkman
The Green House Restaurant

Karen Tucker
Service Merchandise. It was where Best Buy is now. You would place your order and then they would send it down the conveyor belt.

Nikki Cutchens
Fitzgerald’s Lounge ❤️❤️❤️

Amanda Mae Dinkins
Strawberries and skate scene

Judy Wilbur Craig
Bonanza, Momma Baldaci's, James Taylor Hospital, Zayres

Rachel Curtis
Dexter Shoe 👞

Matt Pulley
Checkmate steak house

Brian Tracy
Club Roxy!

Sam Fortin
Murphy's Steakhouse

Tony Murray
The Spectrum

Art Nan Bickford
Oranoka Restaurant

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