A local folk singer has been looking for his dog, Marvin, ever since the animal was thrown from his vehicle during an interstate crash.

I started reading this story earlier today and had to stop because I got all choked up. I can't imagine what Jacob Augustine must be going through, knowing that his beloved German Shepherd/Greyhound mix is out in this weather.

It all started on Sunday, when Augustine (whose given name is McLaughlin) was traveling north on I-95. At around 1:00 in the afternoon, Augustine's minivan went off the road near Medway and rolled over. Marvin the dog was thrown clear of the vehicle. Witnesses to the crash told Jacob that the dog was thrown right out the window. Jacob was taken to the hospital for treatment and so wasn't able to get his dog to safety.

Ever since that day, Jacob and his friends have been out looking for the short-haired dog, who goes by the nickname Marvy. But the 7-year-old rescue dog is skittish around people and won't come to the few people who have managed to spot him. He was last seen near mile marker 239, where the accident happened, but walked into the woods instead of walking up to the people who called to him.

Anyone with information about Marvy is asked to contact Augustine's sister Sarah at 290-3457.

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