According to the satire site, "The Onion," Bangor Police used the author to solve a crime similar to the plot of one of his novels!

What would you do if a Bangor woman was killed by a demonic car?! Call Stephen King of course! Satire favorite "The Onion" knows exactly what Bangor P.D. would do if there was a demonic car problem in the city.

According to their article 'Bangor Police Bring in Stephen King to Help Track Down Demonic Car that Killed Woman' local detectives ...

"confirmed they are hoping King’s specialized insight will help them locate the bloodthirsty and allegedly homicidal vehicle."

They also stated that due to Mr. King's knowledge of demonic cars and all that goes with it he was able to set the scene and determine what happened when the Bangor P.D. didn't know at all when there was no evidence found!

We know Stephen King would team up with the Bangor P.D. if such an accident happened in Bangor for real. We also think King and the Duck of Justice would make a great team! (There's a novel idea!)

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