The first concert of the new concert venue at Rock Row in Westbrook woke up some neighbors. It reportedly could even be heard two miles away.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Savings Pavillon at Rock Row, the 8,200-seat concert venue has 13 more concerts this season.

The first concert was Anderson Paak on Sunday. He's a hip hop artist, and that means that it wasn't acoustic and probably had some thumping bass. As far as Pride's Corner and even Back Cove heard it, the newspaper reported.

Some were not amused. No official word on how many complaints, but Portland got about a dozen complaints, Portland Press Herald stated. The venue is in Westbrook.

The concerts are run by Waterfront Concerts, and Alex Gray, a promoter for them, told the newspaper that he knew that the first show would be a rude awakening for some. But he plans to try as much as possible to minimize the complaints. Will there will be complaints? Of course...people will never be completely happy.

Facebook via Jon Chrisos
Facebook via Jon Chrisos

But a lot of people realize what an economic boost to the area Rock Row is, and they know that part of it is that they just gotta get used to it.

Some of the noise will be absorbed when other places are built in the complex all anchored by a Market Basket. Next year The Paper Store, and a Starbucks are supposed to open, according to the Portland Press Herald.

For now, even though it was loud for some, the new venue seems to be a hit and has people excited.

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