One road in Maine has been deemed the most haunted place in Maine, and you may have driven on it without even knowing. Up in Northern Maine, Route 2A  is a dangerous road especially when there is snow or ice, the road is known to have some bizarre accidents.

A Tombstone Every Mile

However, it is not only can this road be dangerous due to curves and turns in the road, but it also is rumored to be haunted by a few ghosts. The road is so famous that in January of 1965, Dick Curless, a trucker turned country singer, wrote a song about it called "A Tombstone Every Mile."

Granted, Dick Curless was singing about how dangerous the road could be, “It’s a stretch of road up north in Maine. That’s never ever ever seen a smile. If they’d buried all them truckers lost in them woods. There’d be a tombstone every mile,” he does not sing about the rumored paranormal.

The Ghost Bride

Granted there are many haunted spots in Maine, the most haunted is rumored to be on Route 2A, in Northern Maine, near the Haynesville Woods. If you dare to drive on this road, you risk the possibility of seeing two female ghosts.

According to What Lies Beyond, the most commonly told story is that an apparition of a young lady can be seen walking along the side of the road and at times will appear out of nowhere. Some drivers that saw this woman would stop and offer her a ride, which she accepts and gets into the car.

Spook Eats states that those that stop to offer her the ride, are told that she is a recent bride and that she and her husband need help after being in a car accident. However, the woman vanishes as soon as the driver gets to the end of the road.

What Lies Beyond states that this ghost could be the spirit of a young woman who was traveling with her husband on a winter day on Route 2A. The couple's car ran off the road and hit a utility pole. It is said that the husband was killed instantly, however, the wife was thrown from the car and obtained serious injuries. She passed away from being exposed to the cold.

The Young Girl

A second ghost roams Route 2A. According to What Lies Beyond, a young girl and her friend were walking along the road when they were hit by a semi-truck. Records show that on August 22, 1967, two 10-year-old girls, Janet Marie Rouse and Melody L. Shorey, passed away in Haynesville.

Could the other ghost that is being seen on this road be one of the young girls? According to Spook Eats, drivers claim to see a young girl on the side of the road, however, when they offer her a ride she vanishes.

The Witch

Though this may not be a ghost, someone or something else haunts Route 2A.

According to Spook Eats, there is a witch named the Flesher Witch. The story states that back in the 1800s, Annie Wilcox experienced a nightmare after her family had settled in the woods. The legend goes that Annie started to hear scratches at her window at night, but that was only the start of it.

As time went on, nights got much worse for Annie. She started to hear whipsters, had her blankets pulled off her, and even felt like she was being bitten. Annie claims that an old woman with a melted face was attacking her at night and even left deep scratches on Annie's face.

Spook Eats writes that a month later, Annie vanished into the woods. She was found by hunters, where she was laying with her face peeled off next to an older woman with facial deformities. As for the rest of Annie's family, they all seemed to suffer from insanity and none of them passed away naturally.

If you choose to hike or camp in the woods, I highly recommend going during the day as some have claimed to see a young girl with a melted face running through the woods.

If ghosts and witches do not scare you away, then Route 2A is only a trip away.

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