Who wants to get dirty and roll around in the mud?

After a delay due to Coronavirus concerns, a really fun event is back in the Waterville area that is worth the trip to participate in. Or, since we have listeners in that area, it is right in your backyard! Now that we are able to get back to some sense of normalcy, it makes you really want to get out there and have fun again.

The 6th Annual Thomas College Dirty Dog Mud Run is a 5K, 15-obstacle course that loops through the woods and campus. These fun obstacles include mud, tire flips, wall climbing, cargo net climbing, and, as you would expect, even more mud.

The 5K run is open to everyone, and a mini obstacle course called the Pup Run, is open to children up to age 10. Participants can create a team, or they are welcome to make this an individual challenge.

This year lap racers will leave at 8:30am, and complete as many laps of the course as they can. The last lap cutoff will be 12:00pm. Single lap heats will begin with Elite heat at 8:45am for more competitive racers. All other participants will leave in heats of 60 or less every 10 minutes beginning at 9:00 am. You do not need to participate in the Elite heat to be eligible for awards.

It all goes down on Saturday, April 16, starting at 8am sharp, on the Thomas College campus, which is located at 180 West River Rd, in Waterville.

Do you have what it takes to be up to the challenge? Get your tickets now for the Thomas College 2002 6th Annual Dirty Dog Mud Run

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