Perry's Nut House

45 Searsport Avenue, Belfast, ME

When L.L. Perry opened Perry's Nut House in 1927 he peddled only pecans and other assorted nuts. He also began to fill the shop with "curios and museum pieces" that he collected while traveling. According to Perry's Nut House's website, "As Perry’s reputation grew, not only for the unusual, but quality goods as well as the tasty nuts, such notables as Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Waldo Pierce, Fay Emerson, and Pierre Monteux were counted among the many customers."

Today, the shop still sells fudge, nuts, and other treats, while the collection of oddities has expanded well beyond Mr. Perry's original artifacts. 

Perry's is a goofy tourist trap along the famous route 1. It's full of strange things like gorillas and alligators and whatnot. While certainly a bit outdated, it still has some charm and is worth a brief stop.

- Reviewer Than P.


The gift shop is an unusual assortment of candy, mixed nuts, cheesy souvenirs, and odd decor. Although most of the animal exhibits have gone extinct, you will be greeted by a large gorilla at the front door and a stuffed bear looms out back baring his teeth.

- Reviewer Susan S.


Yes, there is now what looks like a human mummy underneath the register.

- Reviewer Matty W.

Great place to stop for tourists, and still fun for locals. Lots of bizarre and interesting trinkets await you here, the fudge is a good to go snack for later on that night.

- Reviewer Matthew J. 

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