As the Gulf Coast of Florida and several other southern states will deal with Tropical Storm Elsa over the next 24-48 hours, we're all left waiting in New England. The National Hurricane Center believes the powerful storm will carve a path up the eastern seaboard and arrive in New England on Friday. By the time it does arrive, it will be a shell of its former self, only packing precipitation and moderate winds. But there's a catch.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the catch will be whether or not Elsa teams up with another storm system already making its way towards New England from the midwest. In that scenario, the precipitation from Elsa teamed with the precipitation from the other storm system could make Friday a very wet (and potentially dangerous) way to kick off the weekend.

If the two storms combine, Maine will have elevated chances for flash floods and coastal surge. Inevitably, flash flooding and substantial downpours could lead to other issues, like power outages and road closures. More detailed information on where the greatest impacts could be felt as we get closer to Elsa's arrival.

The one positive outcome from remnants of a tropical storm arriving in Maine in early-July? If it packs as much rain as it should, most of the state should see drought conditions disappear. That would be welcome news for some Maine towns that have had to put temporary stops to watering lawns and filling pools.

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