The Maine camping season has begun for some and a reminder goes out to those bringing wood in from outside of the state.


An Emergency Order has been put in place by the State of Maine by restricting firewood be brought in from outside of the state.

This order comes after invasive insects such as the emerald ash borer and the Asian long-horned beetle have become more active in the state and could harm Maine forests.  These insects are found in trees and in cut wood and would have negative effects on wildlife habitat and Maine commerce relying on the natural resource of trees for industry.

Has the state seen an impact on it's industry due to these invasive species?  Not yet.  The destruction of these insects has been seen in other states and a ban has been put in place to prevent it from spreading to the State of Maine.

What if it has bark on it or is aged- does that make it okay to bring into the state?  Nope.  These things don't make a difference.  These invasive and destructive bugs can infest either.

For a list of frequently asked questions visit the State of Maine website about the Firewood Ban here.

For more general information, including contact information, visit the State of Maine website dedicated to the Firewood Ban.


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