If there's one thing about Reddit I love most, it's the comments.

Versus other forms of social media, I feel like Reddit's anonymity makes people feel they can pretty much say whatever they want. So if a person comes on there asking a completely ludicrous question, or has some over-the-top observation that makes people feel something, they're inclined to say exactly whatever's on their mind.

Mainers on Reddit in particular have an affinity for this. Especially when people from away start asking questions that are about as tone deaf as you could possibly be. Like, did you even think for a second before you started typing? So Mainers on the r/Maine subreddit love to let those folks know how we feel.

Some "bro" type came on the Maine thread and started asking about strip bars...

Ok, that's not so bad. But he wanted to know where they all were around the Sunday River ski resort. As though the town of Newry has amenities like that available. did you even Google where you were going? He and six friends were looking to have a bachelor party up that way, and needed the dirty deets.

As I was talking about before, locals in the thread were more than happy to oblige this man with, maybe not the info he was hoping for, but he was not left uninformed. Again, that's what we do best up here, haha.

So I put together a little highlight reel, so to speak, of all what I thought were the best comments. Keep scrolling and see how this guy was schooled...

Definitely keep scrolling for the funnies...

Crushing Responses to a Bro's Search for Strippers at Sunday River

These aren't the droids you're looking for...

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