I can't remember one that I have been given but I VIVIDLY remember watching folks in my family unwrap 2 super awkward gifts and cringing as they did it.

The first was my brother, Dan. Growing up, Dan always wanted to be an "Aminal" doctor. And it was cute when he was little. But the year he turned 18, my mom got him, (no joke) a kitten calendar for Christmas. Just what every grown man hopes to get, right? When he looked up, perplexed, at my mother and asked why she replied "Because you love "aminals". It was both super sweet and super awkward at the same time.

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Then there was the year my mom (again) gifted my now ex-husband a pair of men's spanks she had picked up at a local discount store (I bet you can guess where!) In this case, she should NOT have bought it when she saw it. I was mortified for him at the time but now find it amusing.

We asked you what some of the most cringe-worthy presents you've ever unwrapped might be.

Some of your answers were sad and hilarious, all at the same time. Let's check them out below, and see if any of these make you feel better about your own awkward presents...

Glen A Newey way too many organic weeds for Mrs. Shaw thru the years
Close up of female hands pull out weeds from ground garden.
Melanie Makin Coupons (discount coupons, not gift certificates) for fast food.
clipping coupons
Grata Victoria
Amber Rose Sinclair An ex once gave me dog poop bags.
No dog poop allowed
Sunshine My stepdad once got me the ugliest sweater I have ever seen. I had embroidered flowers and puffy things on it. I was proud that he had picked it out himself because that was not his thing. But it was ugly.
An ugly Christmas Sweater
 Kate Boyington Homemade bonnets from Mrs. Shaw?
A statue goose dressed for spring
Carl I once received nothing. Waiting in line to see Santa, only to get up to him and have him tell me they had just run out of presents.
Baby crying - pure authentic emotion, tears visible
But the answer that took the spot of absolute most awkward and cringe-worthy presents ever received came by way of John, from Milo.
John When I turned 13, my dad gave me a box of condoms.
Condom on banana against color background. Safe sex concept

 We're speechless, John. And that doesn't happen a lot.

Here are some other ideas for presents...

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