USA Today is reporting that 30 more people are sick from eating Kellogg's Honey Smacks. This comes after an initial recall from June in which there were concerns of the cereal being linked to salmonella.

On Tuesday, the CDC sent out an update adding more people to the stricken, now totaling 130 cases.  The CDC sent out an advisory in July for people to stop eating the cereal.

Where's the Maine connection in all of this? Ninteen states had reported illness from the sugary breakfast item. In the latest report from the CDC, that number is up to 36, including at least one case out of Maine.

Cases had started in March and continue now with an age range as wide as the cereal aisle, less than a year to 95 years of age. Thirty people of been hospitalized but nobody has died.

This is the ultimate question, however: Is it a matter of the word not getting out that Honey Smacks can get you grossly sick or is it a matter of the will of the American people that they continue eating they Honey Smacks!?!? This needs more research.

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