Sure, there are a bunch of really great Holiday commercials out there. But this one....this one hit me in the feels this year. It's for a family owned Hardware Store, Hafrod Hardware, in Wales. In fact, the young boy in the commercial is the owner's son. And from an article on, the entire ad was produced for about $130!

Since it came out two weeks ago, it's been viewed over 2 million times! 2-year-old Arthur Lewis Jones is the star, and according do the interview his dad, Tom, gave, he did a great job playing his part. "He was so good," Jones told Wales Online of his son's performance. "They say never work with animals or children but he was a joy — I'm bursting with pride."

The article goes on to say "The BBC reported that Hafrod Hardware has been making holiday ads for seven years, but this appears to be the first to receive such widespread praise. "

The commercial shows young Arthur waking up, getting dressed and going to work at the shop. It follows him throughout the day, as he interacts with customers. And aside from Arthur's performance, its the ending that doesn't so much tug, but gently tickles the heartstrings.

Jones said some film-making friends helped him shoot the ad over a weekend and that getting the rights to the song used in the spot, and paying the singer was the thing that cost the most.

Simple. Beautiful. It's my favorite advertisement to come out of this Christmas Season.

See for yourself.


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