has listed each states 'unusual' Christmas tradition including state #1, State #2 and State #3.

The website listed Maine's 'unusual' Christmas tradition is eating seafood chowder, "made with lobster, crab, and/or clams in a warm, creamy broth".

Now, they did mention that it was done in other New England states but did point out Maine as the state that "especially" does this tradition.  What are they talking about?

I am completely aware of this Christmas tradition.  I really want to know who celebrates with this tradition.  I've always eaten turkey or ham for Christmas, never a soup or chowdah.  But, then again, I don't like seafood- especially chowder.  So, there's that.

What do you think?  Is this your Christmas tradition?  Are there other Unusual Maine Christmas traditions out there?

The other New England states' unusual traditions included:

  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • That's New England and you can not convince me other wise- so don't think about asking about the other states in New England that I forgot.  Cause I didn't forget.  They've all been accounted for in this article.

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