One of America's favorite tattoo-faced guys has covered a classic '90's tune that any 'Back In the Day Cafe' lover would appreciate

A video was posted to YouTube on October 1st by kaShowBiz that shows Texas rapper/singer covering Sublime's "Santeria", a classic '90's tune that has all the ska/reggae beats, easy going vibe and substantive lyrics that embodies the soul of the alternative rock of that era.

Post Malone is covering the tune during a show (perhaps in a Dallas casino?) with a full band behind him, including a horns section.  The comments below the video show a lot of love for the cover and share a consensus that Post did a pretty decent job with this tricky-noted song.  There's also a lot of requests for a studio version.

Here's the original, just in case you need a refresher on one of the greatest songs of the 1990's:

Here's another performance posted by the same account on Tuesday which Post Malone plays the guitar (didn't know he could play?) and back-up sings with the band Rome.  WARNING NSFW (potty mouth):

Can't get enough of Post Malone covers?  Here's a compilation posted by Viral Twitch on YouTube, which includes Green Day, Nirvana and Bob Dylan covers.  AND, look at his guitar skills!  What?!

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