Back In The Day Café fans, this is sooo bitchin’!

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 1982 teen comedy “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” My childhood friend Jim and I, skipped a day or two class at Bangor High to watch it when it was shown on cable, and I could probably quote about 90% of it by heart, so I was elated when I heard that a virtual table read featuring some pretty big stars was happening last night. And, it was especially heart warming to see Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston together virtually.

The live event took place to benefit Sean Penn’s humanitarian organization CORE, which provides COVID-19 testing and relief services, and REFORM Alliance, whose goal is to reform the criminal justice system. Penn played the iconic role of Jeff Spicoli, but took a back seat in this one, but was on hand to enjoy the fun.

Check out this lineup! Brad Pitt as the bumbling Brad Hamilton, who has a crush on Jennifer Aniston's, Linda Barrett, Julia Roberts, as naive, Stacy Hamitlon, Shia LaBeouf, as super stoner Jeff Spicoli, Matthew McConaughey as the slick and sketchy Mike Damone, John Legend as star football player, Charles Jefferson, Dane Cook, as the sweet and shy, Mark Ratner, Jimmy Kimmel as various small characters, Henry Golding as zoned out teacher Mr. Vargas, Ray Liotta as the stern history teacher, Mr. Hand, and the amazing Morgan Freeman, doing a take off on his many movie voice overs as the reader of stage directions.

If you are a fan of the film, you will absouletly love this, and if you have never seen it, what's wrong with you? Check out the original trailer for the movie, then find it, and watch it!

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