Hampden is a tiny, but awesome little town. Although it's grown quite a bit. Since I initially moved away in the 90's, the town has doubled in size to about 8000 people. Doesn't seem like much, but there can still be a lot of culture shock with how much things have changed since I was a kid.

So, when things happen that affect one of the like, three ways into Hampden, it can feel pretty disrupting. For instance, the Grist Mill Bridge on Main road in Hampden was being re-built for months. And boy, you wanna talk a bout the boredom of taking literally the same route home every day, because there's no other practical choice.

Commute fatigue is real!!! When that bridge finally opened back up, I thought I might cry when I drove across it the first time, haha. So when I saw that Hampden might potentially need to close some roads for overnight work, my jaw tightened quite a bit. But... at least it will be overnight. So that's a smidge easier to handle.

They've been repairing a series of bridges that crawl through Hampden, near-ish to the Dysart's exit and rest stop, just past Newburgh. Instead of doing one bridge at a time, they've been re-routing traffic across some temporary bridges while they do the work. Occasionally, that affects some spots in town while they work.

Here's the word from the Maine DOT on the matter, according to a press release:

The Maine Department of Transportation will be closing Emerson Mill Road to traffic at the I-95 bridges as needed to accommodate ongoing construction work on the Hampden Bridge Bundle Project. These closures may happen between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. between Monday, January 18th and Friday, January 29th. Road closures will not occur on Saturday nights.

So if you live on Emerson Mill road, or use it a lot as a thru-way, you may want to seek an alternate route during these times. We have a lot going on for such a little town, but hey... better fixed than broken, right?

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