Lobster lovers know where they are.  Why not let us know as well and spread the wealth!

Before the this summer quickly runs out we're on a quest to find the very best lobster roll in eastern Maine!  So where is the yummiest?  The most mouth-watering morsels of fresh Maine lobster known to man stuffed into either a run-of-the-mill hot dog roll or some fancy-dancy sub roll, it doesn't matter which.

What does matter is where that lobster roll is?

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Now we fully realize that a lot of Mainers will say that the best lobster roll on the planet is made right in their very own kitchen!  You may not want us sending people from New Jersey to your house to get a lobster roll.

So, let us know which restaurant, snack-bar, food truck, or take-out in the area is your absolute favorite. Then, when the final results are tabulated we'll let everyone know.

Sorry, the line at the take-out window may be a little longer when everyone finds out where that sweet tasting lobster roll is.  But just think of the benefit to all of mankind, or at least those that love lobster!

Now we've conducted a variety of food polls this summer and some of the tasty results may or may not surprise you. So far our online readers and on air listeners have told us where to fine the very best barbeque foodhamburgerspizzaChinese foodsteakhousesItalian sandwichesbreakfast, and ice cream stands.

We look forward to sharing the final results of this latest poll with you.  But, don't expect us to share our lobster roll.

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