Where will you be heading out to this Halloween?

Trick or treat, smell our feet, give us something good to eat!

With the beginning of October on the horizon, it is time to jump headfirst into the Halloween season. Leaves, pumpkins, crisp days and cool nights, are why Fall in Maine is so fantastic. The Bangor area has no shortage of great spots to bring the kiddos to collect candy.

Whether it's the now-legendary Maple Street, or Stephen King's West Broadway (although if you approach his home, you will come up empty), there are plenty of safe, and family-friendly places to head out to visit on Halloween night. Growing up, I was an East Side tree street kid, so that would be my logical choice, but there are many others to choose from.

So, if any of the choices in this poll represent where you live, vote often, so you can have the bragging rights. If you have a favorite spot that isn't on the list, there is a handy "Other" option for your to select your choice.

Best of all, the CDC has recently stated that children can safely trick-or-treat in an outdoor setting this year, especially if they travel in small groups together. They do however recommend that you avoid large groups and practice safe social distancing. This way, we can all have a Happy Halloween, filled with bowls of delicious candy.

Cast your vote now!!

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