Obviously, there are many strong opinions on this issue, and we are very interested in what you think.

Almost two years later, as this seemingly never-ending pandemic continues to dominate our daily lives, it has yet again kicked things up another notch. The Omicron variant is causing a giant spike in cases all across the country. If you are vaccinated, you are pretty well protected against it, and if you are boosted as well, the odds of getting seriously ill, are much, much smaller. Keeping all of that in mind, it is reigniting the mask policy debate all over again here in the state of Maine.

Recently, the Portland City Council became the first Maine city to decide that an indoor mask mandate is necessary at indoor businesses. However, when it comes to restaurants, bars and clubs, and workout facilities, fully vaccinated people will be able to bypass this ordinance with proof of their vaccination records.

Portland may have been first, but the way things are currently trending, more than likely, they will not be the last. And that is the basis of our poll question today.

Should Bangor get out in front of this issue to keep everyone safe? Or, do you think enough is enough when it comes to mask mandates? Or, do you not care either way, and will comply? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this (as always) controversial issue, so please vote!

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