The results are in, and it wasn't even close!

National Pizza Week runs from January 9th, through January 15th, so we thought it would be the perfect time to pit two local giants against each other and see who comes out victorious. Now, of course, we know that there are many fantastic options for pizza in the Bangor area, so much love to all of those spots, but we wanted to narrow it down to two of the most legendary.

With over 300 votes on our Facebook page and 500 on our website poll, people had some strong reactions to this delicious question! So here we go...

Battle Of The Classics-Pat's Pizza Or Tri-City Pizza?

Pat's Pizza

Tri-City Pizza


Z-107.3 listeners on our Facebook page has LOTS to say about this topic:

Tammy Lavoie
Pats all day every day!!

Taneale Stiehl
Honestly lately Pat's has not been that great!

Candy Moulton
Pat's in Orono! Forever!!

Tami Lane

R David Moleon
My grandfather founded Tri-City. Easy choice.

Carrie Emerson
I grew up on Tri City Moved away became a Pats fan but I gotta say I still get Tri City when I'm in Bangor Sooo guess they are the better of the 2 in my eyes

Tracy Pine Trecartin
Pat's hands down. Although my boyfriend would say Tri-City!

Sue Davis
Pat's Pizza in orono first and then Tri-City before anything else

Deidre Redman
Pats hands down yummy! Tri city is gross, to much grease

Bill Blackwell
Tri City long as they dont mess with the Winkler's recipe, otherwise you're eating Freshies

Cory Shaw
Pat’s Pizza, I live in SC now and it’s always a first stop when I get home! Bruce Farnsworth is a family friend!

Derek Michaud
Pats! But I would eat both and enjoy both!

Mary Beede
Both are great

Shayna Harvey
Pats!!!! Tri-city has issues with sauce to topping ratio and their crust is rubbery and over cooked

Andrea Goody
Tri City hands down.

Tammy Campbell
I have never had either!!

Nichole Kelly
You’re all wrong, it’s Jason's New York Style Pizza.

Feleshia E Beach
Pats in Lincoln over orono any day everything orono is greasy as heck

Joshua LaPierre
Pats if I have to choose! But monroe general store has the best pizza in maine!

George Tucker
Why is this even being debated. Everyone knows it's Pat's

Nick Baker
Pats is the best. Tri-city doesn’t even come as a close second, or even third for me

Greg Miller
Pat's Pizza, Orono, Maine the original and still the best

Jess Hatch
Pats all day long. Especially now that tri city isn’t what it used to be

Awesus Mitchell
Pats, that’s not even a contest

John Comstock
Bring back Napoli's and Yahnny's

Jeremy Ritz
Pat's for life

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