Three people face drug charges after a traffic stop in Newport on Saturday.

David Jones, 26, and Chuckie Langley, 32, both of New York City, and Holly Inman, 41, of Machias, each face aggravated heroin trafficking charges following a traffic stop in Newport in which police seized heroin and crack bound for Washington County.

The vehicle was stopped along Interstate 95 in Newport based upon information gathered by MDEA during a drug investigation. The street value of the seized drugs was $3,000 and the trio was taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

Jones was out on bail after being arrested in August in Machaisport for cocaine trafficking. He is currently being held without bail.

Langley also faces additional charges. He is on parole from New York after serving 8 years for attempted murder. Langley is being held without bail.

Inman also was charged by the state police with Operating After Suspension. Her bail was set at $35,000 cash.

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