A Whitefield man is in trouble after trying to pass off a fake inspection sticker for his truck, made out of Styrofoam.

Trooper Maloon noticed the truck on October 27th traveling on Main Street in Vassalboro. The vehicle's inspection sticker didn't look quite right, so Maloon signaled for the driver to pull over. As 59-year-old Robert Barnes stopped the truck, Maloon says he saw him rip the sticker off the window and throw it in a pile of trash in the vehicle.

When the Trooper asked Barnes about it, he denied having a sticker at all. Maloon said he noticed the scent of marijuana in the truck and asked Barnes to get out, but he refused. Then he was told he could get out or be arrested, so he exited the truck, informing Trooper Maloon that he had a handgun underneath his seat and didn't have a permit.

A search of the vehicle turned up the handgun and the Styrofoam inspection sticker. Barnes received a summons for Failing to Inform Law Enforcement of a Concealed Firearm, was well as a criminal summons for Displaying a Fictitious Inspection Sticker.