The Piscataquis Regional YMCA announce this week that it would be closing temporarily, in an attempt to protect it's members and the community from potential exposure to Covid-19.

According to an update put out on the Y's website, 

"In quick action we announced last night that we will be closing our facility as a significant precaution in an attempt to protect our members and the community. We DO NOT at this time have confirmation of a positive Covid-19 Tested individual entering our facility. What we know is there is community exposure and to provide the utmost precaution we will be closing the facility and all PR YMCA activities so we may clean thoroughly to ensure if an individual did come into our facility and carried the virus, that we did all we could to prevent the spread. "

Management at the Y goes on to outline that while it's facilities are thoroughly cleaned every day, this closure is a "significant precautionary measure" being taken because the community is so small and tight-knit, and the the origin of the community exposure of the virus is unknown at this time.

Basically, they'd rather be safe than sorry. But they did apologize for any inconvenience or confusion news of the closure may have caused. The post says they are hopeful, after a weekend of extreme cleaning, to have the facility up and running again and open to members by Monday.

According to the Maine CDS's website, there are currently 4 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Piscataquis County. This marks one of the first time this county has reported cases since the Coronavirus outbreak began this past spring.

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