Hair salons and hair stylists across the nation (and world for that matter) have definitely been affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns. And while there is an #iwillwaitforyou movement to support those stylists, by having people wait to color and cut hair, until after this quarantine period is over, some folks just can't (or won't) wait...and are paying the price for their impatience.

Want to spend some time feeling great about what you thought was a bad hair day? Google #coronacuts #covidcuts  #quarantinehaircut. You're welcome.

According to an article on, people are starting to take matters into their own hands. And because ordinary people tend to lack a bit in their scissor skills, when it comes to their heads, this has led to a rash of "hair-ible" pictures.

There's also a faction of folks who figure there's no better time to shave their heads than during a quarantine. So there are also quite a few of those images that pop us.

Think of them as cautionary tales, if you will.

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