A super cute Portuguese couple hit Maine, and had a great time!

There is no denying that Stephen King has a rabid, cult-like fan base because people from all over the world stop to gawk, take photos and videos of his home on West Broadway in Bangor.

I live in the same neighborhood, so I am a bit jaded by all this, seeing that I drive by it just about every single day, and without fail, there is always someone parked on the side of the road, snapping pictures of this iconic home.

A "Casal que viaja!", or "traveling couple", when it is translated into English, came to Bangor to get a look at what all the fuss is about, in a video titled “Visitando a casa do escritor”, or "visiting the writer's house."

Then as they continued their visit during a typical winter day in Maine, they also took a trip to Acadia National Park, and got some absolutely gorgeous shots there. Here is how they described their trip.

Em um dia de neve, dirigimos até a cidade de Bangor ao norte do Maine, para conhecer a casa de Stephen King, o escritor do livro IT o palhaço no qual se originou o filme, aproveitamos a viagem e fomos até Bar Harbor um lugar lindo no qual fica situado o Acadia National Park.

Which translates to

On a snowy day, we drove to the city of Bangor in northern Maine, to see the home of Stephen King, the writer of the book IT the clown in which the movie was originated, we enjoyed the trip and went to Bar Harbor a beautiful place in which Acadia National Park is located.

As always, we love it when people come to Maine for the first time!

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