Your breakfast is about to get creepy. 

According to horror fansite, Bloody Disgusting, Pennywise is getting his own cereal. Funko, a company that manufactures licensed pop culture collectibles, is further expanding its cereal line. Rumors were confirmed back in March that Funko will launch another Funko Cereal line this summer.

Also apart of the fourth lineup of collectible cereals is BeetlejuiceA Nightmare on Elm StreetElvira, Gremlins, Harley Quinn, Friday the 13th and many more to come. Each cereal comes with a mini Pop! figurine. When you add milk to the Pennywise cereal, the milk will turn blood red. Add milk to the Beetlejuice version, and it will turn slime green.

If you watch the Netflix Documentary Making Fun: The Story of Funko, you'll see a quick glimpse of the cartooned Pennywise cereal. Near the end of the documentary at 1:21:14 you'll see the creepy clown box.

A box of Pennywise cereal will cost you $7.99. You probably won't find these in the cereal aisle at Hannaford. The company will likely sell them through collectible stores.

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