Get outta the cold and into the movies! Paranormal Activity opens today!

Listen to the Z Morning Show weekdays at 8:10 to win tickets with the Impossible Question!!

Paranomral Activity:The Marked Ones(R) 1:15pm/3:20pm/5:20pm/7:30pm/9:55pm

The Wolf of Wall Street (R) 12:00pm/3:55pm/7:40pm

American Hustle (R) 1:30pm/4:15pm/7:20pm/10:00pm

Anchorman 2(PG-13) 1:30pm/4:15pm/7:20pm/10:00pm

The Hobbit(PG-13) 11:40/3:00pm/6:20pm/9:40pm

Grudge Match (PG-13) 12:30pm/3:30pm/7:00pm/9:35pm

Saving Mr. Banks(PG-13) 12:45pm/3:45pm/6:30pm/9:15pm

"Catching Fire" (PG-13) 6:25pm/9:30pm

Frozen (PG) 11:25am/1:20pm/4:00pm

47 Ronin (PG-13) 12:15pm/6:45pm In 3D-3:10pm/9:45pm