Our boy Danny assembled some of Maine's biggest celebs for a funny bit!

John Davidson returns to The Nite Show to host their local parody of Hollywood Squares: "Pandemic Maine Squares" Davidson presides over the virtual game with Dan & Christie as contestants, and 9 very familiar faces in Maine occupying the Zoom "squares." Some cameos include: Gov. Janet Mills, Maine humorist Tim Sample, "Box of Oddities" hosts Jethro & Kat, and Dr. Nirav Shah.

Last Saturday night, one of the OG members of the writing team for SNL, the great, Al Franken made his first appearance on The Nite Show. Franken stayed with the NBC late night institution for years, later becoming best known for his self-help character Stuart Smalley. Franken is also a former US Senator and currently the host of "The Al Franken Podcast." He joinedThe Nite Show to talk about SNL, comedy, and his connections to Maine.

This Saturday night there will be a special edition of The Nite Show Performance Series, with music pulled from nearly 11 years of The Nite Show archives!

Check out music from:

Alter Igor (2013)
Rock Revelation (2018)
Ellis Paul (2015)
The Resistance (2014)
Penobscot Theatre Company’s performance of “Fun Home” (2019)

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