Maine parents reportedly found a bag of marijuana in an Auburn Halloween bag, and a needle in a Newport peanut butter cup.

Police always advise parents to check their children's candy, after a night of trick or treating, to make sure it's safe. Anything unwrapped or homemade may be considered suspicious. There were two examples this year of unusual, and possible dangerous, items found in Halloween bags in Maine.

Newport Police posted on the Department's Facebook page that a local parent had found a needle in a Reese's peanut butter cup. They said that, unfortunately, a parent was stuck by the needle, as they were reaching into the bag.

WMTW-TV reports that an Auburn father and his fiance allegedly found a bag of marijuana in his daughter's Halloween bag. Steve Gagne told police they were checking the candy for anything dangerous or suspicious and came up with a plastic bag full of 'shake.' The pot was turned over to police.

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