Get out this Saturday and go for a late autumn stroll in Orono.  What will make this stroll extra special is the beautiful light display you'll get to walk through along Stillwater River.

700 feet of trail has been decorated with holiday lights for you to enjoy this December starting Saturday at 4 PM, after dark.

The event was put together by husband and wife team Jess and Anthony Francis as a way to have families get out and enjoy the outside, have a way to stay safe during the pandemic but to still get out and do something.

Jess did a portion of the trail with some overhead lights during the holidays and got some great feedback from the community about the lighting.  This year was the year that she wanted to expand on that first experience as a way to lift the spirits of those in the community due to the obstacles and hardships of the pandemic - way to bring light to the darkness of 2020.

Expect to see 700 feet of 37,000 LED lights that will light up the walking path along the Stillwater River.  Park at the Browns Beach parking area and head up the trail from there.  Bring a headlamp or a flashlight to be able traverse the trail carefully and be mindful of COVID-19 guidelines of mask wearing and social distancing.

Enjoy the display throughout the month of December and enjoy your holiday season in to end a year that needs some inspiration and beauty.

Public parking for the event is located on Bennoch Road.

Stay up-to-date with this event by checking out their Facebook event page 'Stillwater River Trail of Lights'


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