It was over a year ago that Army Staff Sergeant Brandon Silk died in Afghanistan.

He is now being honored by the Town of Orono with an official dedication of a bridge in Orono to be called the Brandon M. Silk Memorial Bridge that crosses the Stillwater River.

The event will take place this Friday at 2 PM and the public is invited to join the ceremony.

The ceremony will begin at the University Inn gazebo.

Check out this post by the Facebook talking about the event:

The Town of Orono is pleased to announce the official dedication of the Brandon M. Silk Memorial Bridge. The bridge is being dedicated to honor the memory of Army Staff Sgt. Brandon Silk, who died June 21, 2010, near Gaza Ridge, Afghanistan, when the helicopter he was traveling in made a hard landing.

Army Staff Sgt. Brandon Silk is from Orono and played football and track at Orono High School.  He enlisted shortly after graduating high school after being inspired by a love of the movie Top Gun.

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