Am I seeing double or is this the same person?  Is this some CGI tomfoolery by the Orono PD?

Apparently, not.  These two officers, a part of the Orono PD, are Sergeant Barrieau and Sergeant Dupuis, and they look VERY similar.  Of course it doesn't help they that they where the same sharp uniform and sport the same high and tight hair cut.  Let's make a list of their similarities:

  • Same haircut
  • same uniform
  • Watch on same arm
  • Similar build
  • Similar height, based on the OPD photo
  • Similar hair color
  • Similar squinting style

Based on these similarities, we can say these two people are basically the same person.

Imagine having these two emerge on a scene... kinda matrix-y.

Plenty of commenters on the Bangor PD page think the two share a striking likeness.

But one commenter, might have figured out why we can't unsee the similiarities:

Luckily for us, the Orono PD does seem to have decided which one is better looking:

What do you think?  Do they look similar in an uncanny way?

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