Natural Resources Council of Maine is looking for people who have a mission to keep Maine the beautiful place that it is and even have prospects for a more beautiful Maine.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine is a nonprofit membership organization that works to 'protecting, restoring, and conserving Maine’s environment, now and for future generations'.  The group's many missions listed on their website include the following:

  • Protect the health of Maine’s rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters;

  • Promote sustainable communities through initiatives that reduce toxics pollution and waste;

  • Decrease air and climate-changing pollution through energy efficiency and renewable sources;

  • Conserve Maine lands and wildlife habitat, including our treasured North Woods;

  • Defend the federal environmental policies and programs that help protect Maine.

NRCM is taking nominations of groups or persons who go all out to protect Maine's natural resources for their 'People's Choice Award 2020'.

They are reaching out across the state to have you nominate someone to honor their volunteerism to keep Maine's resources and wildlife healthy and working hard to make a difference.

If you have the perfect group or person in mind, head over to Natural Resources Council of Maine's nomination form at their website.  You will be asked for the nominee's name, address, phone and have you answer this:

Please describe why you believe this person deserves the 2020 People's Choice Award (and include any of the nominee's organizational affiliations). Please be as specific as possible about this person's accomplishments for Maine's environment.

You will also be asked your name, address, phone number and email address.

Nominations are open now and close on Thursday, August 13th.

Check out the NRCM nomination page for more information and to nominate your local Maine protector.

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