Currently, Maine lawmakers are looking to reduce pollution by removing common culprits that add to waste here in the state, discarded single-use plastic-containing beverageware.  We're talking straws, cup lids and stirrers.

The 103rd Maine legislature is voting on this act to make these items Illegal to have at an eating establishment or food establishment.  Specifically, the items that are looking to be banned are beverageware made wholly or partially using plastic.

Specifics about the bill shares that manufacturers and eating establishments are the ones being included in this act but not included are the use of single-use beverageware in nursing homes, medical facilities, or hospitals. Civil penalties would result if businesses do not adhere to the new law if approved.

If approved and put into law, these items will start their banishment on the first day of next year, January 1, 2022.

Here are the items on the list that are looking to be banned:

  • Beverage lid plug or splash stick
  • Drinking straw

Additionally, this act also mentions that single-use beverageware not made of plastic should provided to their customers along with at least a 5-cent fee for each beverageware item included in the point-of-sale purchase. This part of the act is specific to food and eating establishments to which the fees collected are kept by the establishment for "any lawful purpose."

Check out the bill 'LD 602, SP 241 An Act To Prevent Pollution from Single-use Plastic Straws, Splash Sticks and Beverage Lid Plugs' on the Maine Legislature website.

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