The University of Maine needs your help in finding where Monarch butterflies sleep around the State of Maine.

The past twenty years have seen a large decline in the Monarch population completing their full migration from Mexico to northern parts of the United States and back down south.

How can you help?  The researchers at the University of Maine are asking citizens who want to help to download a particular app that will help collect information about the Monarchs that travel to our state.

The app is called "Collector App".  You can get the app from your phone's App Store or from

What do you need to do? Open the map that the University of Maine has pushed to the app.  From there select a point that exists on the map or add a new one.  Next, you fill out a survey about the location.

For more information about this project, including contact information for the University of Maine researchers, visit the University of Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit website.

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