We've all been there over the past few years. A storm has arrived, powerful wind gusts are blowing outside and then the power suddenly goes off. For the residents of Maine, that scenario seems like it's become an all-too-common occurrence. But have the frequency of power outages in Maine been overblown or is this a sign of a growing problem?

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According to a new study from MROelectic, it's a larger problem than even residents of Maine may realize. Despite having one of the smallest populations in the United States, the study shows that Maine residents have seen the highest frequency of power outages in the nation from 2015 through 2019. The average Maine resident sees nearly 4 power outages per year. The next closest state, West Virginia, sees only 3 per resident. And it's not a New England thing, Maine is only state in the northeast in the top 10.

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It isn't just frequency either. Maine is 2nd in the nation in length of outages. When Maine residents lose power, it takes a little over 14 hours for power to be restored. Some of that can be blamed on how large Maine is and how rural some communities are. But again, Maine is only state in the northeast in top 10, despite the fact that Vermont has plenty of rural territory as well.

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What does it all add up to? MROelectic has determined that Maine has the worst electrical reliability in the entire United States. Sounds like you may want to keep that generator nearby.

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