We're almost to the end of a 3rd week of impromptu distance learning here in the state of Maine, and many folks are still trying to get the hang of it all; teachers, parents and students alike! And while there's been no definite call yet, it looks like this could be the method by which most kids finish out their school year--learning from home. Teachers have been taking a crash course in distance learning, exploring new forms of technology. Parents are trying to balance the load of suddenly being in charge of their kid's educational experience, while working their own jobs from home, or on the front lines and trying not to lose their minds with worry.

The kids are missing their teachers and teachers are missing their students.

To say it's a time of stress would be an understatement.

This is not the time to set the bar high for anyone. We need to grab the bar and do the best to hold on!

Recently, Dr. Andrew Kahn, a local clinical psychologist that works with school systems, put out a video on social media encouraging teachers to take a moment to realize that "there is no road map for this situation." He addressed that like parents and kids, teachers have their own stresses going on in their lives at the moment, and that taking the best care of themselves is one of the most beneficial thing one can do.

Dr. Kahn's setniments echo a video post put out last week by Maine's Commissioner of Education, Pender Makin. In the video, Makin called Maine's teachers and administrators "Heros"--a title I believe is well warranted.

Bottom line; we're all doing the best we can.

Parents, teachers and students need to simply try.

No one is expecting anything more at this point. The top priority is to keep everyone safe, and then making sure everyone feels connected. Everything else will work itself out after the threat passes.

Teachers, you have been and no doubt will continue to be amazing through all of this.
Parents, do the best you can. The most important thing you can do for kids is to be there for them.
And students, do the best to adapt to this and make the most of this situation.

We're all in this together.


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