At least he pronounced it right...

Comedian Joe Rogan, who you might also remember as the host of the NBC show "Fear Factor" has a popular podcast called "The Joe Rogan Experience" and in a recent episode he just happened to bring up Bangor.

Rogan, who in this clip looks a little like a baked potato with his shiny jacket, was discussing the story from Vinalhaven, where a group of "local vigilanties" recently tried to forcibly quarantine some out of towners. You might wonder how Bangor came up since it's quite a distance from Vinahaven, but the topic turned to oddities about our state, that's when Joe mentioned The Queen City.

"You ain't never seen drunk, till you've been in a bar in like Bangor. Those people can throw down, and there in that brutal, brutal, brutal cold, brutal cold, for a long time"

Uh thanks Joe, we think.

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