It's times like these, when the going gets tough--that the tough get going...or in this case, the tough get doing.

Folks in Maine have been stepping up to the plate and rising to the occasion in so many ways these past few weeks, since Covid-19 has gained household recognition.

From textile plants that have re-tooled their instruments to sew masks and gowns, to local breweries that have started to make hand sanitizer; we've been seeing the best of what Yankee Ingenuity coupled with the genuine helping nature of Maine folks has to offer.

But could it be possible that a possible remedy to help lessen the impact of the Corona Virus, or Covid-19, could come from our very own state in the form of one of Maine's most famous inhabitants--The Lobster?!

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, there's a Doctor in Orono who seems to think so! His name is Dr. Robert Bayer and he used to run the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute. He says there's something in the blood of a lobster that could be very useful in the battle against not only Covid-19 but other viruses as well. In the write up, Bayer explained that his new start up lab he would like to test a certain protein found in the lobster blood called Hemocyanin. "The hemocyanin has anti-viral and immune-boosting properties, and already is being used in the development of cancer vaccines and treatments." Dr. Bayer even has some patents pending that have to do with his findings!

Bayer is quoted in the article as saying that if the Hemocyanin were to work, the state could produce it in no time, as there's an ample supply of it around that just gets washed away down drains in processing plants!

Can you imagine if lobster blood was the thing that actually what ends up curing all of this? How cool would that be?

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