If you can wait until the end of the year, delightful dollar-priced treats await you.

Last week, the Hermon Planning Board unanimously voted to approve plans for a brand new Dollar General store, that will be located on Route 2. There are concerns from local residents, regarding increased traffic on the roads. on the state road.

This is one of those chain-dollar-type stores that I absolutely love to putter around in. I can literally spend an hour just wandering the aisles like a zombie. What I love most of all is the price obviously, but it makes shopping for everyday things like soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, and other items really easy and affordable. However, I do find myself stuck in front of the chocolate & candy displays more than I should be.

I guess the main point here, is that instead of battling the crowds at a supermarket or big box store, you can usually scoop up well-known brand names of all your favorite products. There is nothing I enjoy more than picking up a giant bottle of Heinz ketchup, at a much. much cheaper price. It is a perfect place for those of us who like saving a buck or two.

This new Dollar General discount store will open sometime in late 2022. Dollar General will be situated on US-2, in the southeast part of Hermon (just a few minutes' walk from Hermon High School), right near the intersection of Boulier Place and Route 2. The plan is to offer services to folks from Bangor, Carmel, Brewer, Levant, Winterport, Hampden, and the Orrington areas.

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